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213 Bexley Road Earlwood NSW 2206. Located near the intersection of Bexley Rd and Homer St.

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Veterinary Services at the Earlwood Animal Hospital

Earlwood Animal Hospital - Reception

Earlwood Animal Hospital offers the best pet care and the following veterinary services for the suburbs Bexley, Marrickville, Canterbury, Campsie, Croydon Park, Beverly Hills, Turrella, Clemton Park, Arncliffe, Belmore, Kingsgrove, Roselands, Kogarah and others surrounding Earlwood:

  • Consultations and vaccinations seven days a week, 364 days a year.
  • Desexings
  • Laboratory facilities.
  • Digital Radiology (Xrays) and Ultrasound
  • Surgery. All the experienced Vets at Earlwood perform surgery. Procedures such as desexing, orthopaedics, gastrointestinal and urogenital procedures are commonly performed.
  • Anaesthetics. We use a variety of modern and safe anaesthetics.
  • Earlwood Animal Hospital - Consulting RoomPet Dental therapy ranging from scale and polish to more extensive dental treatments
  • Dermatological / Skin problems treatment
  • Cancer management and chemotherapy
  • Emergency Care
  • Parasite prevention
  • Puppy and kitten health
  • Behaviour consultations
  • Puppy Pre-School and individual behaviour management programmes.
  • Weight management and dietary advice.
  • Cremation services with the return of ashes.


Our experienced veterinarians are well trained and continually updated in all types of Surgery. An initial consultation will discuss the nature of the surgery and inform you of the likely outcomes and expectations.

The types of surgical procedures routinely performed at Earlwood Animal Hospital include:

  • Pet Desexing surgery at the Earlwood Animal HospitalDesexings
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Orthopedics. Including Cruciate repair and fracture management.
  • Urinary and urogenital surgery.
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Cancer treatment and chemotherapy.
  • Hernia repair.
  • Dental extractions and Gum repair.

Problem Investigation.

Our hospital is well equipped to investigate any medical or surgical problem.

Earlwood Animal Hospital is able to perform procedures such as digital radiology; blood, urine and faecal testing; biopsies and ultrasound.

Skin problems are commonly investigated. Earlwood Animal Hospital has access to the latest allergy testing.

The hospital can access information regarding any therapy available in Australia including, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, bone scanning, CT and MRI scans. We have a good referral relationship with the specialists in Sydney and beyond to ensure that you have all the treatment options available to you and your pet.


Earlwood Animal hospital uses a range of the most modern anaesthetics. Each anaesthetic is chosen on the basis of what is safest for your individual pet. Routine patient is monitored using pulse oximetry during each anaesthetic . Routinely analgesia (pain management) is used during every anaesthetic and in most cases post operatively. Earlwood animal hospital can perform pre anaesthetic blood testing to increase the safety of any surgical procedure.

Dental Care.

Unfortunately teeth and dental problems occur in a large number of animals. All the vets at Earlwood Animal hospital are experienced in treating a variety of dental problems. After a consultation a plan is made for each individual case concerning the anaesthetic and the dental procedures.

Dental radiographs, scaling and polishing, tooth extraction and gum or gingival grafts are regularly performed on an almost daily basis.
After the dental procedure our aim is to try and find a way to prevent further dental problems so as to minimise the need for further intervention.

Aged care - Geriatri pet services at the Earlwood Animal HospitalAged Care

Our staff can help your senior pets deal with concerns such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, cancer therapy and weight control.


The experienced staff at Earlwood Animal Hospital are well trained to deal with emergencies. Our immediate access to radiology, anaesthetics, surgery and onsite laboratory testing will allow us to rapidly assess and treat your pet. We also provide Intravenous fluid therapy, oxygen supplementation and intensive care monitoring . We also have access to two 24 hour Specialist Centres for the worst of our critical care patients - the Animal Referral Hospital at Homebush and the Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Camperdown.

After Hours Emergencies

In the case of emergency while the Vet Hospital is closed, please ring Earlwood Animal Hospital on:
02 9718 5235.

For animals that require round the clock care, there are two Veterinary Emergency Centres within 20 minutes of Earlwood Animal Hospital. These facilities are open and staffed 24 hours a day. We recommend The Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) at 250 Parramatta Road, Homebush. Phone 02 9758 8666.

The Sydney University Emergency Service (SAVES) on Parramatta Road at Camperdown.
Phone 02 9351 3437.